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At the end of each day
When the night has it's way
And the busy dies down till it's dead
My soul seems to shrivel
Emotions ache as they swivel
Not peace but empty instead
My mind has no room
This vacuum consumes
I scramble for filling the void
So I'll waste away
The night into day
Filling until I'm destroyed
:iconpoisonedrose12:PoisonedRose12 0 0
One's the Loneliest Number for a Reason
Sometimes I wonder at loneliness
At its aching inside my chest
Why am I lonely at all
When I'm so profoundly blessed?
I have loved ones all around me
Supporting me for'ver more
So why at night when I'm alone
Settles this feeling that I deplore?
I'll distract myself however I can
I'll read, I'll write, I'll sing
But no matter my endeavors
Once I stop, returns this sting
I've settled that it's a romance of sorts
That I internally crave
Someone whos name I'll willingly choose
To on my heart forever engrave
I want the one that makes me happy,
And I in turn, to them
I want to feel that eternal love
To hold close this invaluable gem.
But why do I ache for things in my youth
When I know I'm not yet even me
To follow these feelings brings only remorse
And a sadness the depth of the sea
So why, God, do you allow
This hole to grow when it has no use?
Why not later when time's matured?
I no longer want to take on this abuse
Perhaps I'm empty because I still need
To reach my potential, my purpose
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God Wants an Alert People
To take my free time,
And to then be productive,
Is to flip my bad habits
From being destructive
It is to stop all thinking
When opportunities arise,
Realize what's important,
And to self chastise.
Then to take that unknown step
That somehow appears so scary--
To take your nature and show it
All the good within this contrary.
Although being productive
May seem boring and bland,
It is better to be alert
Than to waste away as planned.
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The Worst Lie...
The worst lie...
... Is a lie you tell yourself.
When you repeat the words so much
Their empty echos give you headaches
And you use them as a crutch.
When you know that's how it's supposed to be.
To flow freely, if with slight struggle, forming you're existence.
But when you face the music... you flee.
It's supposed to be fun, enjoyable -- The very air you breath.
But then you strangle yourself, grasping at the distance.
With no stable-- no ground at all, beneath.
When did this dream, this very self-defining role...
Change into self-serving poison?
Laced with laziness and missing slices of soul?
How can this one thing, perhaps the only thing, I'm good at...
Slip through my fingers like water through the sky?
If I cannot drink, how can I escape the Death, the trap?
If this water is to turn to wine,
I must stop and stare,
Assess all moments of turmoil and time.
Open my eyes to the losses, the necessities of give and take.
Accept the survival of the fittest and the law of the land.
And be
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Anger is blind,
Sorrow always rewinds,
Excitement rushes ahead,
Courage marches past dread,
Worry searches around,
Guilt faces down,
Insecurity and Fear
Look anywhere but here,
Lust longs for the devil,
Love puts us all on one level,
Only Faith looks up.
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Two Children argue,
One elder by far.
Trying to parent the younger,
Communication like tar.
Two Children argue,
One growing up now.
She's still young in years,
But more mature somehow.
One Child argues,
She feels wasted away.
She may be oldest in years,
But her strength is astray.
Two Children stand,
One young only in youth.
The other, the elder,
Won't face the truth.
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Humbling Heart
We sit down in darkness
And I rest my head,
Against the beating
Settled inside his chest.
Ba-thump, Ba-thump,
It's rhythm soothes,
Ba-thump, Ba-thump,
I hear his youth.
As we watch the screen
His head rests softly on mine,
He soon falls asleep
And I'm warmed with his quiet shine
Ba-thump, Ba-thump,
Consistency divine.
Ba-thump, Ba-thump,
My thoughts begin to define.
Next to my ear,
Just a few inches away,
Rests his very existence,
A severely humbling weight.
Ba-thump, Ba-thump,
I cannot find breath--
Ba-thump, Ba-thump,
Awed by this guardian of Death.
Movie forgotten now,
Realization burns,
As my everyday opinion
Of this steady beat turns.
Ba-thump, Ba-thump,
It's pace slightly quickens.
Ba-thump, Ba-thump,
His breathing awakens.
Did I fall asleep? He quietly asks.
And upon his voice my gratitude cracks.
A tear streams unseen as I whisper yes.
This wondrous heart forever be blessed.
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The Wolverine by PoisonedRose12 The Wolverine :iconpoisonedrose12:PoisonedRose12 1 1
Forgotten Memories
Last night I cleaned out
My jewelry box
I discovered a bracelet
Sitting under great rocks
It was scratched and young
Silver and blue
Engraved "best buds"
It screamed I love you
I tried to remember
But I knew not who
Once gave me this piece
Of their heart so true
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'nuff said, right?

Aw man you guys, I cannot get this movie out of my mind! I freaken love the Avengers! And every single character in this movie is so AWESOME. Although my favorite will always be Iron Man. Always. <3

So to feed my obsession while I can't afford a ticket to see it a third time, I've been watching The Avengers: Earth' Mightiest Hero's cartoon on Netflix. It is also bad-a, but not as much as the movie. Plus, one of the avengers is a bad guy! They're not a bad guy in the movie! Although, I guess they probably were in the comics too... which makes me sad, cause they're awesome.

The cartoon also introduces three new avengers: Wasp, Ant-Man, and Black Panther. They are also cool, which is good, cause I'd hate to have a lame avenger ruin my respect for the title. My favorite of the three is Wasp. She's just got so much personality. :D

Well, I'll shut up now. :) Tell me, who's your favorite avenger?
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